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A Full Interior Redesign

Often a home design needs to be reimagined once the kids go off to college. Empty nesting is a much different lifestyle than having a full house.

My clients for this project recently bought their dream home once their kids were launched into the world. Their goal was to create an impressive, yet inviting home design with decorations and furnishings that convey their unique style.

The cozy main living area incorporated comfortable seating circling the fireplace, intriguing artwork, pillows, and a tasteful area rug to tie the room together. This welcoming space is perfect for relaxing with friends after a day at the beach.

From the home office to the bedrooms, we incorporated intriguing pieces of art and appealing colors throughout to showcase my clients’ personalities.

Through a close partnership with my clients, we created a beautiful home that reflects their tastes and offers the perfect setting to entertain and WOW their guests. Now they’re ready to settle into the next phase of their lives.

Is your home in need of an upgrade to match your current lifestyle? Book a Vision Through Collaboration Session today to revitalize your home design and showcase who you are.

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