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From Fixer Upper to Stunning Custom Home

Sometimes the best deals on the market are fixer-upper homes. My clients for this project had recently purchased one and reached out to us for a complete top-to-bottom home renovation.

Everything from the layout of the main living space to the laundry room and master bath needed to be reimagined to meet their needs. To begin this renovation, we opened the wall between the dining space and the family room to create an open concept in the main living space.

This offered space for a large kitchen island with seating for 6 people, along with an eat-in area on the side. Now the family room, kitchen, and dining area provide a seamless flow that fits their lifestyle.

The master bathroom was a complete floor-to-ceiling remodel. We added a new shower enclosure, vanity, storage space, and ample lighting to brighten up the space. The result is a clean, balanced bathroom that cohesively aligns with the rest of the home’s beachfront atmosphere.

We also repurposed a small existing bedroom into a new laundry room with a ½ bath next to it, adding significant value to their home. To maintain the same number of bedrooms, we converted one of the family areas into a bedroom by enclosing it and adding a new closet.

With better flow through their main living space, a brand-new master bathroom, and cohesive décor throughout, my clients now feel like their home is a true extension of who they are. We also kept the project under budget and increased the value of their home significantly.

Did you recently purchase a home that’s in need of a full redesign to better align with your lifestyle and personality? Book a Vision Through Collaboration Session today to get the process started and discover your home’s full potential.

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