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A Revitalized Family Room


The family room is arguably the most important room in a home.  It’s a versatile, multi-purpose area that serves an array of functions from entertaining guests, to a comfortable retreat at the end of a long day.


This project was my clients’ second home and they wanted their family room to showcase their water view and offer the feeling of being at the beach.


Using a blend of comfortable and stylish furnishings, we created a cozy ambiance that complements the existing brightness of the space. We chose a lighter color scheme throughout, along with subtle design accents like the sea glass piece on top of an antique chest coffee table at the heart of the space

With a gorgeous water view just beyond the windows, everything from the sea-themed area rug to the beachy color scheme created a décor that wonderfully captured the mood of a beach vacation.

Now my clients have a relaxing oasis to enjoy a beach vacation atmosphere right from the comfort of their own home.


Are you looking to enliven a space in your home with a fresh, inspired design?  Book a Vision Through Collaboration Session today to explore ways to reimagine your space and bring your vision to life.

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